Friday, July 25, 2014

Let’s Booktalk: Mexican Whiteboy by Matt De La Peña

Trying to figure out your life is tough when you’re a teenager. Even tougher when you stand out, because of the color of your skin.

Danny is 16, standing at about six foot, with a passion to play baseball. But, he finds himself turning inward as you sees the world through color of his skin. Danny is a Mexican White boy, and the only half-Mexican who attends a private prep school in Leucadia.

Uno is a 17, over six foot tall black teen, who has a pitching arm that is well known in his neighborhood. He hustles who he can, where he can, to prove he is the best. His mother and stepfather tell him he won’t be any better than he is, and his father tells him he won’t change unless he tries.

Can two teens from different backgrounds find their escape in National City over the summer break? Or, will they only be what is expected of them because of the color of their skin?

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