Friday, July 25, 2014

Let’s Booktalk: Implied Spaces by Walter Jon Williams

Uni- latin for “one”.

Multi- latin for “many”

A singular universe no longer exist. In his 1,500 years of conscience life computer scientist, sorcerer, and swordsman Aristride has only known the multiverse.

The multiverse consists of Eleven platforms, created by artificial intelligence to sustain the existence of humans in their many forms. But, there is a plot to bring about the end of human existence, the “Existential Crisis”. One of the multiverses is creating new wormholes through the central sun threatening to extinguish life by absorbing what energy is left. 

Now, Aristride will have to travel the multiverse, face zombie attacks, biometric formed machines, and fight to save the multiverse before it is too late.

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