Friday, July 25, 2014

Let’s Booktalk: Chupacabra by Roland Smith

Nine is a creature of legend. But, he was made a captive by Noah Blackwood, a supposed animal conservationist with a secret taste for collecting the endangered and dangerous. Nine is one of the few Chupacabras in existence, and he is being used by Noah to hunt and kill those who come between him and his dark intentions.

Marty and Grace are twins, who are searching for their parents. Their Uncle Ted has vendetta against his former father-in-law Noah, and they will have to navigate through a terrifying world of prehistoric creatures and their masters.

“Nine licked the dried salty blood. Hunt! Fast! The commands shouted in his head. He hated the woman. He hated the box. He wanted to kill the woman. He wanted to drink the woman’s blood. But he could not.”

Get your nerd on!!! So, you've never heard of a chupacabra? Well the following is just one link to information about this creature. Is it real or is it just a legend?

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