Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lets Booktalk: Daniel X--Game Over by James Patterson and Ned Rust

Courtesy of Goodreads
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Daniel X is your typical teenage boy. He plays video games, is interested in sports, and hunting the occasional alien hell bent of destroying the world.
“There were hundreds of millions of GC games and consoles in the world. If the company was able to just flick a switch and turn every player into an armed killer… GAME OVER” (18)
So, are you one of the millions out for the ultimate gamer experience? Or are you going to save the planet with Daniel X? 
“ ‘Although, if you start to feel overstimulated…try some off-line games too’…with that steel shutters dropped across the store windows, and two security guards pulled out their sidearms and began blasting away. At me (Daniel).” (175)
Daniel X, saving the Earth, one alien created video game at a time.

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