Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let's Booktalk--Animal Farm by George Orwell

Courtesy of ObeyGiant
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No humans allowed, this is our farm, the "Animal Farm".
Manor Farm is your typical farm, there are cows, chickens, horses, dogs and pigs. Mr. Jones is it's owner and works at farming the land and his stock, but he is not the kindest of owners. The animals live in fear of being sold off for meat or to be made into glue, so what though, they are animals after all.
Major, is an old pig, although even in his twelve years of age, he is a "majestic-looking" and "benevolent" pig. He will organize the animals in an uprising against their oppressor Mr. Jones. He will lead them to a society that gives care, freedom, and fair treatment to all animals. But, he will always be and act like a pig.
Will the animals find solace and freedom from tyranny in their newly formed society?  Or will Major only prove to be an even greedier and crueler owner than the human? Can the world be made better at "Animal Farm"?

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