Thursday, June 12, 2014

Let's Booktalk: Bad Unicorn by Platte F. Clark

Courtesy of Goodreads
Unicorns are beautiful, majestic, graceful, and pure. Princess is anything but that kind of unicorn. Princess, also known as the Destroyer, is a cruel and fearsome unicorn with a carnivorous appetite. Bored with the everyday diet of frobbits and hunting in the land of Magrus. She has enlisted her wizard Magar to help her reach the realm of Techrus where she can feast on human flesh and bones to her heart's delight.

Meanwhile, in Techrus, Max Spencer is trying to survive middle school. Unbeknownst to him he is in possession of a powerful book from Magrus called The Codex of Infinite Knowability. The book is being searched for by the wizards of Magrus, and they will send Princess to Techrus for this book in exchange for an all you can eat buffet of human.

Max along with his friends Dirkster and Sarah will learn there is more to being a teenager than just avoiding bullies and bad grades. They will enter a world where unicorns eat meat, dragons transform into cowboys, and one of them will learn they are the Codex.
lost descendent of the wizard who wrote the

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